Provided by: alliance_5.0-20120515-6_amd64 bug


       graal - symbolic layout editor


       graal [-l file_name] [-scale n] [-debug] [-xor] [-install]


       Graal  is  a  hierarchical  symbolic  layout  editor. All functionnalities can be accessed
       through different menus.  Among them exists a design rule checker performing verifications
       inside  a  user  defined window.  Graal works under Motif and X11r6.  When entering Graal,
       the main window appears and shows 7 different menus on the  top  bar.These  menus  can  be
       entered  by simply clicking on the mouse left button.  The main window is sensitive to the
       mouse, and the mouse wheel can be used for scrolling up and  down,  left  and  right  when
       <Shift>  is  pressed during wheel movement, and zooming in and out, when <Ctrl> is pressed
       while turning the wheel.

       Below is given the description of graal's menus.

       File      New : clean the entire window and save the current cell.
                 Open : load an already existing cell.
                 Save : save the current cell.
                 Save as : rename and save the current cell.
                 Quit : quit graal.

       Edit      Undo : undo the previous action.
                 Copy : copy a selected object.
                 Move : move a selected object.
                 Delete : delete a selected object.
                 Stretch : strech a selected object (transistor or segment length).
                 Modify : modify the caracteristics of an object (name, width, etc...).
                 Identify : identify a selected object.
                 Search : search an object according to its type.

       Window    This menu allows user to perform the same actions than the previous  menu  Edit,
                 not on an object but on a group of objects belonging to a defined window.The two
                 opposite corner of the window are set by clicking on the mouse left button.

       Create    Instance : add a new instance in the current cell.
                 Abutmentbox : define the abutment box of the current cell.
                 Segment : add segments.
                 Via : add vias or contacts.
                 Connector : add connectors.
                 Transistor : add transistors.
                 Reference : add references.

       View      Zoom : perform zoom in, zoom out, center, fit, refresh on figure.
                 Layer : select types of layers displayed.
                 Map : show cursor position in the entire figure.
                 Arrows : show arrows for moving at the grid step.
                 Grid : Set the X,Y step of the grid if displayed.

       Tools     Equi : highlight all objects electrically connected to a given object.
                 Flat : virtual hierarchy flattening of an instance (display all visible  objects
                 inside a given instance).
                 UnFlat  :  undo the virtual flattening of an instance (done before with the Flat
                 Peek : virtual hierarchy flattening (display all visible objects inside a  given
                 UnPeek  :  undo  the  virtual  flattening of a window (done before with the Peek
                 Druc : call the design rule checker in a given window.
                 RealFlat : real hierarchy flattening of instances included  in  a  window  (this
                 command can not be undone, and should be used very carefully)
                 Hierarchy : navigate into the current figure hierarchy
                 Load Error : load a real layout file and superpose it to the current figure.
                 Message : display the last error messages

       Setup     Save or load a user defined configuration of default displayed menus.


              indicates the path to the read only libraries to be used.

              indicates the path to the read/write directory for the session.

              indicates the file format to be used for the leaf cells.

              indicates the file format to be used for the generated figures.

       GRAAL_TECHNO_NAME (optionnal)
              indicates the path to the techno name file used by Graal.

       RDS_TECHNO_NAME (optionnal)
              indicates the path to the RDS configuration file used by Graal.


       mbk(1), MBK_CATA_LIB(1), MBK_IN_PH(1), MBK_OUT_PH(1), RDS_TECHNO_NAME(1)