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       gradle - Groovy based build system


       gradle <target> [options]


       Gradle is a build system written in Groovy. It uses Groovy also as the language for its
       build scripts. It has a powerful multi-project build support. It has a layer on top of Ivy
       that provides a build-by-convention integration for Ivy. It gives you always the choice
       between the flexibility of Ant and the convenience of a build-by-convention behavior.

       For additional information, see


       -?, -h, --help
           Shows the help message.

       -A task[,...], --dep-tasks task[,...]
           Specify additional tasks for building project dependencies.

       -C value, --cache value
           Specifies how compiled build scripts should be cached. Possible values are: 'rebuild'
           and 'on'. Default value is 'on'.

       -Dpropertie=value, --system-prop propertie=value
           Set system property of the JVM (e.g. -Dmyprop=myvalue).

       -I script, --init-script script
           Specifies an initialization script.

       -Ppropertie=value, --project-prop propertie=value
           Set project property for the build script (e.g. -Pmyprop=myvalue).

       -S, --full-stacktrace
           Print out the full (very verbose) stacktrace for any exceptions.

       -a, --no-rebuild
           Do not rebuild project dependencies.

           Show additional details in the task listing.

       -b file, --build-file file
           Specifies the build file.

       -c file, --settings-file file
           Specifies the settings file.

       -d, --debug
           Log in debug mode (includes normal stacktrace).

       -e file, --embedded file
           Specify an embedded build script.

       -g directory, --gradle-user-home directory
           Specifies the gradle user home directory.

           Launches a GUI application

       -i value, --info value
           Set log level to info.

       -m, --dry-run
           Runs the builds with all task actions disabled.

       -n, --dependencies
           Show list of all project dependencies.

           Ignore any task optimization.

       -p directory, --project-dir directory
           Specifies the start directory for Gradle. Defaults to current directory.

       -q, --quiet
           Log errors only.

       -r, --properties
           Show list of all available project properties.

       -s, --stacktrace
           Print out the stacktrace also for user exceptions (e.g. compile error).

       -t, --tasks
           Show list of all available tasks.

       -u, --no-search-upward
           Don't search in parent folders for a settings.gradle file.

       -v, --version
           Print version info.

       -x task, --exclude-task task
           Specify a task to be excluded from execution.


                                            2013-08-11                                  GRADLE(1)