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       gregorio - tool for gregorian chant typesetting


       gregorio [-hvVWsSL] [-o file] [-f format] [-F format] [-l error-file] [file]


       This manual page documents briefly the gregorio command.

       gregorio is the software of the gregorio project, that comes with a lot of
       functionalities. The goal is to describe and typeset a gregorian chant score very simply.
       The gregorio command is there to read and write the formats handled by the Gregorio
       project. See FORMATS for details.


       These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with
       two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.

           Show summary of options.

           Show version of program.

           Show licence of program.

           Set the program in verbose mode.

           Show all warnings.

           Read stdin as input.

           Write output to stdout.

       -F format
           Sets the format of the produced file, where format is one of gabc, xml, otex, gtex,
           dump. See FORMATS for details. Default is gtex.

       -f format
           Sets the format of the file to read, where format is one of gabc, xml. See FORMATS for
           details. Default it gabc.


           Gregorian abc. The most interesting part of the Gregorio project, it is a very simple
           language made to describe briefly and simply a gregorian chant score. The syntax is
           quite close to abc language.

           GregorioXML is a XML language describing a gregorian chant score.

           GregorioTeX is the TeX style made by the Gregorio project. You must install the
           gregoriotex environment to use it (it usually comes with gregorio).

           OpusTeX is the most used TeX style to typeset a gregorian chant score. Install the
           opustex environment to use it.

           This output simply dumps the internal gregorio structure. Only for debugging.


       gregorio myfile.gabc
           converts the gabc file into GregorioTeX, and writes the result to myfile.tex.

SEE ALSO for a complete description of the formats.


       Elie Roux


       Copyright © 2007 Elie Roux

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