Provided by: grfcodec_6.0.3-1_amd64 bug


     GRFDiff — A tool to create a binary GRF diff from to GRFs.


     grfdiff [-hnxyv] [-l numbers] [-o GRF‐File] Original‐GRF‐file New‐GRF‐file

             Compare the two GRF files and produce a GRD file containing only the sprites from
             the second file that are different from the first file.

             GRFDiff makes a .GRD file with the same basename as the new GRF file.


     -h          Display the help message.

     -l numbers  Save the sprites with these numbers in the .GRD instead of finding the modified
                 sprites.  With this option, the first GRF file can be omitted.

                 Format of the numbers: <from1>[‐<to1>][,<from2>[‐<to2>]]...  e.g.  1‐5,8,20‐31
                 (must be increasing numbers).

     -n          Only show a list of modified sprites, don't make a .GRF file.

     -x          Make a self‐extracting (.EXE) file instead of a .GRD.

     -y          Answer 'y' to all questions.

     -v          Display the version.

     You can specify several sets of GRF files along with their -l options by separating them
     with a double‐dash `--'.  The result will be written to a single .GRD file.  Only -l is
     valid after the first set.


     The documentation in /usr/share/doc/grfcodec/


     GRFDiff was written by Josef Drexler.

     This manual page was written by Remko Bijker.


     GRFDiff is Copyright (C) 2003 by Josef Drexler <>

                                         August 05, 2010