Provided by: globus-simple-ca_3.5-1_all bug


       grid-ca-package - Prepare a CA certificate, configuration, and policy for distribution


       grid-ca-package [-help] [-h] [-usage] [-version] [-versions]

       grid-ca-package [-ca HASH] [-g] [-b] [-r] [-d]


       The grid-ca-package utility creates a tarball containing an RPM spec file and the files
       needed to use a CA with grid tools. It optionally will also create a GPT package for
       distributing a CA.

       By default, the grid-ca-package utility displays a list of installed grid CA and prompts
       for which CA to package. It then creates a tarball containing the CA certificate, signing
       policy, CA configuration files, and an spec script to generate a binary RPM package
       containing the CA. If the CA hash is known prior to running grid-ca-package, it may
       provided as an argument to the -ca parameter to avoid prompting.

       In addition to generating a spec script and tarball, grid-ca-package creates a GPT package
       if either the -g or -b options are used on the command-line. These packages may be used to
       distribute a CA and configuration to systems which do not support RPM packages.

       The grid-ca-package utility writes the package tarballs to the current working directory.

       The full set of command-line options to grid-ca-package follows.

       -help, -h, -usage
           Display the command-line options to grid-ca-package and exit.

       -version, -versions
           Display the version number of the grid-ca-package command. The second form includes
           more details.

       -ca CA
           Use the CA whose name matches the hash string CA. When invoked with this option,
           grid-ca-package runs non-interactively.

           Create a GPT binary package in addition to the RPM script tarball. This package may be
           installed on other systems using the gpt-install program.

           Create a GPT binary package with GPT metadata located in the path expected by GPT 3.2
           (used in Globus 2.0.0-5.0.x) instead of ${datadir}/globus/packages as used in Globus
           5.2.x. This option overrides the -g command-line option.

           Create a binary RPM package for the CA. This option currently only works on RPM-based

           Create a binary Debian package for the CA. This option currently only works on
           Debian-based distributions.


       Package a Simple CA with hash 0146c503

           % grid-ca-package -ca 0146c503
           Creating RPM source tarball... done


       The following environment variables affect the execution of grid-ca-package:

           Non-standard installation path of the Globus toolkit.


       grid-cert-request(1), grid-ca-sign(1), grid-default-ca(1), grid-ca-create(1)


       University of Chicago