Provided by: gnuspool_1.7ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gspl-ulist - list permissions for users


       gspl-ulist [ -options ]


       gspl-ulist lists the permissions of users known to the GNUspool print spooler system.

       The invoking user must have edit admin file permission to use gspl-ulist.


       Note that the order of treatment, letters and keywords described below may be modified by
       editing the file - see spsyntax(5).  The environment variable on which options
       are supplied is "GSPL-ULIST" and the environment variable to specify the help file is

       -? or +explain
           causes a summary of the other options to be displayed without taking further action.

       -D or +default-format
           cancel the -F option and revert to the default format.

       -d or +default-line
           display an initial line giving the default options (default).

       -F or +format
           format the output according to the format string given.

       -H or +header
           generate a header for each column of the output appropriate for the format.

       -N or +no-header
           cancel the -H option.

       -n or +numeric-sort
           sort the list of users by the numeric user id (default).

       -S or +no-user-lines
           suppress the user lines. It is an error to invoke this and the -s option as well.

       -s or +no-default-line
           suppress the initial line giving the default options.

       -U or +user-lines
           display the user lines (default).

       -u or +user-sort
           sort the list of users by the user name.

           Save all the current options in a .gnuspool file in the current directory.

           Save all the current options in a .gnuspool file in the user's home directory.

   Format argument.
       The format string consists of a string containing the following character sequences, which
       are replaced by various user permission parameters. The string may contain various other
       printing characters or spaces as required.

       Each column is padded on the right to the length of the longest entry.

       If a header is requested, the appropriate abbreviation is obtained from the message file
       and inserted.

       %a  allowed form types

       %b  allowed printer types

       %c  allowed class code

       %d  default priority

       %f  default form type

       %l  minimum priority

       %m  maximum priority

       %n  maximum copies

       %o  default printer

       %p  privileges

       %u  user name.

       %v  "L" if the user is a valid user

       The string "DEFAULT" replaces the user name in the default values line.

       Note that the various strings are read from the message file, so it is possible to modify
       them as required by the user.

       The default format is

               %u %d %l %m %n %c %p

   Privileges format
       The following are output via the %p format. Note that the actual strings are read from the
       message file, and are the same ones as are used by gspl-uchange(1). "ALL" is displayed if
       all privileges are set.

       Adm     edit admin file

       Stp     stop scheduler

       Form    select forms other than restriction pattern

       Otherp  select printers other than restriction pattern

       Cpri    change priority once queued

       Otherj  edit other users' jobs.

       Prinq   select printer list

       Hgo     stop and start printers

       Anyp    select any priority once queued

       Cdef    change own default priority within range

       Addp    add and delete printers

       Cover   override class

       Unq     unqueue jobs

       Votj    view (but not change) other users' jobs

       Remj    access remote jobs

       Remp    access remote printers

       Accessj access non-displayed job attributes

       Freeze  freeze parameters from display


       ~/.gnuspool configuration file (home directory)

        .gnuspool configuration file (current directory) message file


           space-separated options to override defaults.

           location of alternative help file.


       gspl-uchange(1), gspl-user(1), spsyntax(5), gnuspool.conf(5), gnuspool.hosts(5).


       Various diagnostics are read and printed as required from the message file, by default


       Copyright (c) 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.  This is free software. You may
       redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
       <>.  There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by


       John M Collins, Xi Software Ltd.