Provided by: genometools_1.5.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gt-encseq-encode - Encode sequence files efficiently.


       gt encseq encode sequence_file [sequence_file [sequence_file ...]]


           show compression results (default: no)

           output sequence separator positions to file (default: yes)

           output sequence descriptions to file (default: yes)

           output sequence description separator positions to file (default: yes)

           output MD5 sums to file (default: yes)

           specify kind of sequence representation by one of the keywords direct, bytecompress,
           eqlen, bit, uchar, ushort, uint32 (default: undefined)

           input is DNA sequence (default: no)

           input is protein sequence (default: no)

           specify name for index to be generated (default: undefined)

           specify file containing a symbol mapping (default: undefined)

           allow lossless original sequence retrieval (default: no)

           be verbose (default: no)

           display help for basic options and exit

           display help for all options and exit

           display version information and exit


       Report bugs to <>.

                                            10/07/2012                        GT-ENCSEQ-ENCODE(1)