Provided by: genometools_1.5.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gt-stat - Show statistics about features contained in GFF3 files.


       gt stat [option ...] [GFF3_file ...]


           show gene length distribution (default: no)

           show gene score distribution (default: no)

           show exon length distribution (default: no)

           show exon number distribution (default: no)

           show intron length distribution (default: no)

           show CDS length distribution (measured in amino acids) (default: no)

           show the set of used source tags (column 2 in regular GFF3 lines) (default: no)

           add intron features between existing exon features (before computing stats) (default:

           be verbose (default: no)

           redirect output to specified file (default: undefined)

           write gzip compressed output file (default: no)

           write bzip2 compressed output file (default: no)

           force writing to output file (default: no)

           display help and exit

           display version information and exit


       Report bugs to <>.

                                            10/07/2012                                 GT-STAT(1)