Provided by: genometools_1.5.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gt-uniq - Filter out repeated feature node graphs in a sorted GFF3 file.


       gt uniq [option ...] [GFF3_file]


           be verbose (default: no)

           redirect output to specified file (default: undefined)

           write gzip compressed output file (default: no)

           write bzip2 compressed output file (default: no)

           force writing to output file (default: no)

           display help and exit

           display version information and exit


       A depth-first traversal of a feature node graph starts at the top-level feature node (or
       pseudo-node) and explores as far along each branch as possible before backtracking. Let’s
       assume that the feature nodes are stored in a list in the order of their traversal (called
       the “feature node list”).

       Two feature node graphs are considered to be repeated if their feature node lis t (from
       the depth-first traversal) have the same length and each feature node pai r (from both
       lists at the same position) is “similar”.

       Two feature nodes are “similar”, if they have the same sequence ID, feature type, range,
       strand, and phase.

       For such a repeated feature node graph the one with the higher score (of the top-level
       feature) is kept. If only one of the feature node graphs has a define d score, this one is


       Report bugs to <>.

                                            10/07/2012                                 GT-UNIQ(1)