Provided by: genometools_1.5.1-2ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gt - The GenomeTools (gt) genome analysis system (


       gt [option ...] [tool | script] [argument ...]


           enter interactive mode after executing tool or script

           perform unit tests and exit

           display help and exit

           display version information and exit



       bed_to_gff3 cds chain2dim chseqids clean compreads congruence convertseq csa dupfeat
       encseq encseq2spm eval extractfeat extractseq featureindex fingerprint genomediff gff3
       gff3_to_gtf gff3validator gtf_to_gff3 hop id_to_md5 interfeat ltrclustering ltrdigest
       ltrharvest matchtool matstat md5_to_id merge mergefeat mgth mkfeatureindex mkfmindex
       mmapandread orffinder packedindex prebwt readjoiner repfind scriptfilter select seq
       seqfilter seqids seqmutate seqorder seqstat seqtransform seqtranslate sequniq shredder
       shulengthdist simreads sketch sketch_page splicesiteinfo splitfasta stat suffixerator
       tagerator tallymer uniq uniquesub

       Set the environment variable GT_MEM_BOOKKEEPING=on to enable memory bookkeeping (e.g.,
       like this: env GT_MEM_BOOKKEEPING=on gt).

       Set the environment variable GT_ENV_OPTIONS=-spacepeak to show a spacepeak afte r program
       run. Set the environment variable GT_ENV_OPTIONS=-showtime to show processing times for
       some program parts if implemented.

       Combinations are possible. Running the ‘gt’ binary with GT_ENV_OPTIONS=-help shows all
       possible “environment options”)


       Report bugs to <>.

                                            10/07/2012                                      GT(1)