Provided by: haproxy_1.4.24-2_amd64 bug


       halog - HAProxy log statistics reporter


       halog [-h|--help]
       halog [options] <LOGFILE


       halog  reads  HAProxy  log  data from stdin and extracts and displays lines matching user-
       specified criteria.


   Input filters (several filters may be combined)
       -H     Only match lines containing HTTP logs (ignore TCP)

       -E     Only match lines without any error (no 5xx status)

       -e     Only match lines with errors (status 5xx or negative)

       -rt|-RT <time>
              Only match response times larger|smaller than <time>

       -Q|-QS Only match queued requests (any queue|server queue)

       -tcn|-TCN <code>
              Only match requests with/without termination code <code>

       -hs|-HS <[min][:][max]>
              Only match requests with HTTP status codes within/not within min..max. Any of  them
              may be omitted. Exact code is checked for if no ':' is specified.

       -v     Invert the input filtering condition

       -q     Don't report errors/warnings

       -m <lines>
              Limit output to the first <lines> lines

   Output filters - only one may be used at a time
       -c     Only report the number of lines that would have been printed

       -pct   Output connect and response times percentiles

       -st    Output number of requests per HTTP status code

       -cc    Output number of requests per cookie code (2 chars)

       -tc    Output number of requests per termination code (2 chars)

       -srv   Output statistics per server (time, requests, errors)

       -u*    Output statistics per URL (time, requests, errors)
              Additional characters indicate the output sorting key:

              -u     URL

              -uc    Request count

              -ue    Error count

              -ua    Average response time

              -ut    Average total time

              -uao, -uto
                     Average times computed on valid ('OK') requests

              -uba   Average bytes returned

              -ubt   Total bytes returned




       halog was written by Willy Tarreau <> and is part of haproxy(1).

       This  manual page was written by Apollon Oikonomopoulos <> for the Debian
       project (but may be used by others).