Provided by: global_5.7.1-2_amd64 bug


       htmake - create GLOBAL hypertext source searchable by gsearch.cgi


       htmake [htags options] [--url=base-url] [destdir]


       htmake  is a wrapper script that creates searchable hypertext from program source code and
       records information into a path database needed for a centralised search mechanism.

       Prior to using this command you must have installed  gsearch.cgi  using  the  htconfig  -I
       option and configured the location of the path database in htmake.conf

       Before  you  can  create  the  hypertext source you need to execute gtags(1) from the root
       directory of the source tree.  htmake is then called from the same place.

       htmake uses htags(1) to create the hypertext with a unique id and htconfig(1) to make  the
       required entries in the path database.


       The following options will be passed to htags(1) if used.

       -a     Make an alphabetical function index.

       -c     Compress html. Use gzip(1) with .ghtml suffix.

       -C     Compress html. Use gzip(1) with .html.gz suffix.

       -d tagdir, --tags=gtagsdbpath
              Specifies the directory in which GTAGS and GRTAGS exist. The default is the current

       -F     Use frames for definition index, file index and main view.

       -l     Make a name tag for each line of hypertext created.

       -n     Print out the line numbers.

       -t title
              The title of this hypertext. Defaults to the last component of the current path.

              Specify the location search queries are submitted to.  Defaults to the value set in
              htmake.conf or to

       The remaining options are more general or are passed to htconfig(1).

              the  base  url for your new hypertext source.  For best results always use absolute
              url's here.
              eg. http://host/~user/mysource
              It defaults to file:/destdir

              The directory in which hypertext is generated.  The default is ./HTML

       -v, --verbose
              Activate the inbuilt screen saver. Give your phosphors a workout.


       $ cd /usr/src/myprog
       $ gtags
       $ htmake

       $ cd /usr/src/myprog
       $ gtags -c
       $ htmake -c --url=http://host/~user/prog/HTML \


       path database


       As a wrapper htmake gets to inherit bugs from other software too.  Isn't life fun.

       This is alpha software - expect anything!


       htconfig(1), htags(1), gtags(1), global(1).


       Ron Lee <>


       Thanks to Shigio Yamaguchi <> for creating GLOBAL and releasing it  as  free
       A truly cool productivity tool!