Provided by: dsbltesters_0.9.5-4_amd64 bug


       httptest - attempt to use an HTTP proxy to relay to a DSBL-complaint host


       httptest <http ip> <http port>


       httptest attempts to connect to port <http port> on <http ip> and relay through the host.

       It attempts to connect to the target_domain mail server directly to send mail, and also to
       relay through on the host.  For  each  server,  it  tries  all  of:  GET,  POST,

       It  works  by  embedding  SMTP  commands in the HTTP request header, which are then copied
       through to the mail server.  There is extra junk in the HTTP header, but most SMTP servers
       ignore  it.   If  a  server is open to this type of relaying, it is highly likely that the
       relay will be anonymized and there will be no way to track back the sender (save  possibly
       proxy logs).

       As  of  version  0.9.5, httptest attempts to use the CONNECT method as intended to form an
       actual SMTP conversation through the proxy.


       Ian Gulliver <>


       dsbl.conf(5), spamtrap(1)

                                            2002-04-03                                httptest(1)