Provided by: dnssec-tools_2.0-1_all bug


       keyarch - DNSSEC-Tools daemon to archive old KSK and ZSK keys


         keyarch [options] <keyrec_file | rollrec_file>


       The keyarch program archives old KSK and ZSK keys.  Keys are considered old if they are
       revoked or obsolete.  Keys marked as either kskrev or zskrev are revoked; keys marked as
       either kskobs or zskobs are obsolete.  Archived keys are prefixed with the seconds-since-
       epoch as a means of distinguishing a zone's keys that have the same five digit number.

       If the required file argument is a keyrec file, then expired keys listed in that file are
       archived.  If the file argument is a rollrec file, the keyrec files of the zones in that
       file are checked for expired keys.

       If the -zone option is given, then only revoked and obsolete keys belonging to the
       specified zone will be archived.

       The archive directory is either zone-specific (listed in the zone's keyrec record in the
       zone's keyrec file) or the default archive directory given in the DNSSEC-Tools
       configuration file.

       The count of archived keys is given as the program's exit code.  Error exit codes are


       The following options are recognized:

       -zone zone_file
           Name of the zone whose KSKs will be archived.  If this is not given, then all the
           zones defined in the rollrec file will be checked.

           Only archive KSK keys.

           Only archive ZSK keys.

       -dtconfig config_file
           Name of an alternate DNSSEC-Tools configuration file to be processed.  If specified,
           this configuration file is used in place of the normal DNSSEC-Tools configuration file
           not in addition to it.  Also, it will be handled prior to keyrec files, rollrec files,
           and command-line options.

           No output will be given.

           Verbose output will be given.

           Display a usage message.

           Displays the version information for keyarch and the DNSSEC-Tools package.


       On success, keyarch's exit code is the number of keys archived.

       keyarch has a 0 exit code if the help message is given.

       keyarch has a negative exit code if an error is encountered.


       Copyright 2007-2013 SPARTA, Inc.  All rights reserved.  See the COPYING file included with
       the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.


       Wayne Morrison,


       rollerd(8), zonesigner(8),,,,

       keyrec(5), rollrec(5)