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       kxterm - the CERN KUIP terminal emulator


       kxterm [class] [options]


       kxterm  is  a terminal emulator combining the best features of the (now defunct) Apollo DM
       pads (like: input and transcript pads, automatic file backup  of  transcript  pad,  string
       search in pads, etc.) and the Korn shell emacs-style command line editing and command line
       recall mechanism.  For more detailed information about the program, please see the  online
       help available from the kxterm Help menu.

       kxterm  has  a number of X resources which can be set by the user; these are listed in the
       online help and in the file /etc/X11/app-defaults/KXterm, where  the  default  values  are
       set.   It  should be noted that when kxterm is acting as a client for another application,
       the desired X resource should be prefixed by "Kx" plus the class name of the  application.
       So  for  application  "Foo"  the  kxterm  resource class would be KxFoo, and one would set
       KxFoo*background, etc.  One can also set the resource class of a  kxterm  window  via  the
       command-line with the class argument.


       -font fn
              Specifies  the  font  used  by kxterm.  The font fn must be an XLFD (X Logical Font
              Description), as for example displayed by the xlsfonts program.

       -geometry geom
              Specifies the preferred size and position of  the  kxterm  window;  see  X(7x)  for

       -h, -help
              Show a summary of options.

              Specifies that the window manager should start kxterm as an icon.

       -n iconname
              Specifies the name of the kxterm window in an iconic state.

       -name name
              Specifies both the title and the iconized name of the kxterm window.

       -pid pid
              Specifies the process ID of the program that kxterm should act as a client for.

       -prompt prompt
              Sets the prompt displayed in the input pad of the program.

       -tfont fn
              Specifies the font used by text boxes, the input pad, and the transcript pad of the
              program.  This should probably be a fixed-width font like "courier" or "fixed".

       -title title
              Sets the title of the kxterm window to title.


       · xlsfonts(1) - a program to list available fonts on an X server
       · paw++(1) - a program using kxterm for its command interface
       · the online help available from kxterm's Help menu


       This manual page was  written  by  Kevin  McCarty  <>  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                         January 24, 2003                               KXTERM(1)