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       lart - Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool - use a lart to adjust lusers' attitudes


       lart [ -use tool ] [ -bBfFgklp ] <lusername>


       lart  adjusts the attitudes of those pesky, clueless people who rely upon their admins for
       everything from picking their mice off of the floor to turning on their monitors;  namely,
       the  luser(8).  Running lart with the appropriate arguments will cause the specified luser
       to run away screaming in agony.  Alternatively, you can make the luser  buy  you  a  beer,
       after killing all of their processes.


       -use tool      Choose  your  weapon.   If  this  option  is  not specified, the enviroment
                      variable LART is used.  If neither is set, a default value  will  be  used,
                      which is set at compile time

       -b             Used to increase the size of your lart

       -B             The  BOFH option.  Removes a users files and kills all their processes.  If
                      used in conjunction with -p this will also cause  syslog  to  make  entries
                      proving that <lusername> was the second gunman behind the grassy knoll

       -f             Only  fake  luser's  attitude readjustment session.  Provided primarily for
                      testing purposes.  Mutually exclusive with -B

       -F             fsck <lusername>
                       as a raw device.  Note that this option has not  been  tested,  as  it  is
                      rather difficult to find volunteers

       -g             Graphic violence.  Uses curses to monitor <lusername> during the beating.

       -k             Kill.   A  rather  permanent option, and as such is not highly recommended.
                      Can only be invoked once per <lusername>

       -p             See -B


       sysadmin(1), guru(8), luser(8)

                                            01 23 1996                                   lart(1M)