Provided by: libpng12-dev_1.2.50-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       libpng12-config - get information about installed libpng library


       libpng12-config [OPTION] ...


       Provides information about libpng library.

       Known values for OPTION are:

              print libpng prefix

              print path to directory containing library

       --libs print library linking information

              print compiler options

              print pre-processor flags

              print preprocessor flags, I_opts, and compiler options

              print "-I" include options

              print linker "-L" flags for dynamic linking

              print dynamic linker "-R" or "-rpath" flags

              print linker options

              print linker flags (ldopts, L_opts, R_opts, and libs)

              revise subsequent outputs for static linking

       --help print this help and exit

              print version information


       This  manpage  has been written by Junichi Uekawa <> for Debian GNU/Linux
       system, with the help of help2man, and may be used by others.