Provided by: llvm-3.4_3.4-1ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       llvm-prof - print execution profile of LLVM program


       llvm-prof [options] [bitcode file] [llvmprof.out]


       The llvm-prof tool reads in an llvmprof.out file (which can optionally use a specific file
       with the third program argument), a bitcode file for the program,  and  produces  a  human
       readable report, suitable for determining where the program hotspots are.

       This  program  is often used in conjunction with the utils/ script.  This script
       automatically instruments a program, runs it with the JIT, then runs llvm-prof to format a
       report.  To get more information about utils/, execute it with the -help option.


       --annotated-llvm or -A
          In addition to the normal report printed, print out the code for the program, annotated
          with execution frequency information. This can be particularly useful  when  trying  to
          visualize  how  frequently  basic  blocks are executed.  This is most useful with basic
          block profiling information or better.

          Using this option enables the --annotated-llvm option, but it prints the entire module,
          instead of just the most commonly executed functions.

          Record the amount of time needed for each pass and print it to standard error.


       llvm-prof  returns  1  if  it  cannot  load  the  bitcode file or the profile information.
       Otherwise, it exits with zero.


       Maintained by The LLVM Team (


       2003-2013, LLVM Project