Provided by: gmt_4.5.11-1build1_amd64 bug


       makepattern - make GMT color pattern from b/w pattern or icon


       makepattern 1bit.ras | iconfile -Cfr/g/b -Cbr/g/b


       makepattern reads either a Sun 1-bit rasterfile OR a Sun icon file.  It then accepts color
       choices for the foreground and background pixels and colorizes the pattern, writing it  as
       a  8-bit  Sun rasterfile on stdout.  These patterns may then be used in GMT (3.1 or later)
       -Gp settings or by psimage.

       1bit.ras | iconfile
              Either a 1-bit Sun rasterfile (standard format, no RLE) or a Sun icon file (as used
              in GMT 3.0).

       -Cf    Sets the color for the foreground pixels (the ones) [black].

       -Cb    Sets the color for the background pixels (the zeros) [white].

WIN32 fix

       Since  binary redirection under WIN32 does not work, you must specify the output file with
       -Gnewfile.ras.  This option is only available under WIN32.


       To create a colorized red/blue  8-bit  Sun  rasterfile  pattern  from  the  old  3.0-style
       iconpattern stored in file custom.icon, run

       makepattern custom.icon -Cf red -Cb blue > custom.ras

       To  create  a  green/blue  8-bit  Sun  rasterfile  pattern  from a 1-bit Sun raster called
       bits.ras, run

       makepattern bits.ras -Cf green -Cb blue > colorbits.ras


       GMT(1), psimage(1)