Provided by: arc_5.21q-1_amd64 bug


       marc - archive merger


       marc tgtarc srcarc [ files ... ]


       Reads files from the arc archive srcarc and add them to the arc archive tgtarc.


       Arc  has been in use in the CP/M and MSDOS world for many years.  Thom Henderson developed
       the original version, but it  is  important  to  note  that  arc  is  based  on  the  file
       compression theories developed by Huffman, Welch, Knott, Knuth, and many other scientists.
       This implementation is based on version 5.21 of the MSDOS program.


       Arc behaves just like the PC version of the program; all functions of the "usage"  display
       are  working.   Full compatibility with PC ARC files is maintained, the price for which is
       that arc doesn't like long filenames, and can only archive files with names of  up  to  12
       characters.  It will *sometimes* do The Right Thing with them, but I suggest you put long-
       winded filenames in a "shar" before arcing them.

       There shouldn't be any problems, (hah!) but if you find any, please send them to me at:



       Original MSDOS program by Thom Henderson
       COPYRIGHT(C) 1985-87 by System Enhancement Associates.  You may copy and  distribute  this
       program freely, under the terms of the General Public License.

       Original  Lempel-Zev code derived from compress 4.0.  Modified to support Squashing by Dan
       Lanciani ( Ported from MSDOS by Howard Chu, with help  from  John  Gilmore
       (hoptoad!gnu), James Turner (daisy!turner) and others.