Provided by: mozilla-devscripts_0.36_all bug


       moz-version - version format handling tool


       moz-version [options] action


       moz-version  is  a  tool  for  working with version string from the Mozilla suite.  It can
       compare Mozilla versions, convert Mozilla version into Debian  upstream  version  and  the
       other way round.


       -c, --compare version1 comparator version2
              Compare  version  numbers,  where  comparator  is  a  binary operator.  moz-version
              returns success (zero result) if the specified condition is satisfied, and  failure
              (non-zero result) otherwise. The comparator must be one of lt le eq ne ge gt.

       -d, --to-deb version
              Converts  Mozilla version into a Debian upstream version. For a full Debian version
              you have to add a revision.

       -m, --to-moz version
              Converts Debian version into a Mozilla version. The Debian revision and  the  epoch
              will be stripped away.


       -h, --help
              Display a brief help message.

       -s, --silent
              Do not print anything and die silent on errors.

       -v, --verbose
              Print more information.


       Benjamin Drung <>