Provided by: eclib-tools_2013-01-01-1_amd64 bug


       mwrank  -  determines  the  rank of an elliptic curve E over Q by 2-descent and generating
       points for E(Q) modulo torsion


       mwrank is organized as a loop where the user enters curves one  by  one  and  the  program
       displays  what  it  can  compute  about  them.  An elliptic curve is entered by giving its
       Weierstrass coefficients (which may be integers or rationals, either  as  [a1,a2,a3,a4,a6]
       or as a1 a2 a3 a4 a6.

       Here are mwrank command line options (can be in any order):

       -h      help            prints this info and quits

       -q      quiet           turns OFF banner display

       -v n    verbosity       sets verbosity to n (default=1)

       -o      PARI/GP output  turns ON extra PARI/GP short output (default is OFF)

       -p n    precision       sets precision to n decimals (default=15)

       -b n    quartic bound   bound on quartic point search (default=10)

       -x n    n aux           number of aux primes used for sieving (default=6)

       -l      list            turns ON listing of points (default ON unless v=0)

       -t      trace           turns ON trace of quartic equivalence testing (debugging only)

       -s      selmer_only     if set, computes Selmer rank only (default: not set)

       -d      skip_2nd_descent        if set, skips the second descent for curves with 2-torsion
              (default: not set)

       -S n    sat_bd          upper bound on saturation primes (default=1000, -1 for automatic)