Provided by: gmt_4.5.11-1build1_amd64 bug


       nc2xy - Converting netCDF column file(s) to ASCII xy data


       nc2xy files [ -Fvar1/var2/... ] [ -S[r] ] [ -V ] [ -fcolinfo ] [ -bo ]


       nc2xy  reads  one  or  more  netCDF files with column data and writes out those columns in
       ASCII format to standard output, so that they can be used  by  psxy,  psxyz,  or  xyz2grd.
       Modify  the precision of the ASCII output format by editing the D_FORMAT parameter in your
       .gmtdefaults4 file or use --D_FORMAT=value on the command line.

       files  Names of netCDF files to be converted.


       -F     Specify up to 10 names of the variables (separated by slashes) to be  printed  out.
              All  variables  to  be 1-dimensional and be of equal length. When omited, the first
              two variables in the netCDF file will be printed.

       -S     Suppress output for records with one  or  more  NaN  values  [Default  outputs  all
              nodes].  Append r to reverse the suppression, i.e., only output the records with at
              least one NaN value.

       -V     Selects verbose mode, which will send progress  reports  to  stderr  [Default  runs

       -bo    Selects  binary  output.   Append  s  for single precision [Default is d (double)].
              Uppercase S or D will force byte-swapping.  Optionally, append ncol, the number  of
              desired columns in your binary output file.

       -f     Special  formatting  of  input  and/or  output columns (time or geographical data).
              Specify i or o to make this apply only to  input  or  output  [Default  applies  to
              both].   Give one or more columns (or column ranges) separated by commas.  Append T
              (absolute calendar time), t (relative time in chosen TIME_UNIT since TIME_EPOCH), x
              (longitude),  y  (latitude),  or  f (floating point) to each column or column range
              item.  Shorthand -f[i|o]g means -f[i|o]0x,1y (geographic  coordinates).   See  also
              TIME COORDINATES below.


       Time  coordinates  in  netCDF  files  will  be  recognized  as  such.  The variable's unit
       attribute is parsed to determine the unit and epoch of the time coordinate  in  the  grid.
       Values  are  then  converted  to  the  internal  time  system  specified  by TIME_UNIT and
       TIME_EPOCH in the .gmtdefaults file or  on  the  command  line.   The  default  output  is
       relative time in that time system, or absolute time when using the option -f0T, -f1T, etc.


       To  print  out  latitude,  longitude  and  height in a netCDF file as ASCII records, while
       suppressing all NaN values:

       nc2xy -F lat/lon/height -S > trackfile.xy


       gmtdefaults(1), GMT(1), psxy(1), psxyz(1), xyz2grd(1)