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       nova-manage - Cloud controller fabric



       Date   2012-04-05

              OpenStack Foundation


       Manual section

       Manual group
              cloud computing

          nova-manage <category> <action> [<args>]

       nova-manage   controls   cloud  computing  instances  by  managing  shell  selection,  vpn
       connections, and floating IP address configuration. More information about OpenStack  Nova
       is at

       The  standard  pattern  for  executing  a  nova-manage  command is: nova-manage <category>
       <command> [<args>]

       Run without arguments to see a list of available command categories: nova-manage

       Categories are project, shell, vpn, and floating. Detailed descriptions are below.

       You can also run with a category argument such as user to see a list of  all  commands  in
       that category: nova-manage floating

       These sections describe the available categories and arguments for nova-manage.

   Nova Db
       nova-manage db version
          Print the current database version.

       nova-manage db sync
          Sync the database up to the most recent version. This is the standard way to create the
          db as well.

   Nova Logs
       nova-manage logs errors
          Displays nova errors from log files.

       nova-manage logs syslog <number>
          Displays nova alerts from syslog.

   Nova Shell
       nova-manage shell bpython
          Starts a new bpython shell.

       nova-manage shell ipython
          Starts a new ipython shell.

       nova-manage shell python
          Starts a new python shell.

       nova-manage shell run
          Starts a new shell using python.

       nova-manage shell script <path/scriptname>
          Runs the named script from the specified path with flags set.

   Nova VPN
       nova-manage vpn list
          Displays a list of projects, their IP port numbers, and what state they're in.

       nova-manage vpn run <projectname>
          Starts the VPN for the named project.

       nova-manage vpn spawn
          Runs all VPNs.

   Nova Floating IPs
       nova-manage floating create <ip_range> [--pool <pool>] [--interface <interface>]
          Creates floating IP addresses for the given range,  optionally  specifying  a  floating
          pool and a network interface.

       nova-manage floating delete <ip_range>
          Deletes floating IP addresses in the range given.

       nova-manage floating list
          Displays a list of all floating IP addresses.

   Nova Flavor
       nova-manage flavor list
          Outputs a list of all active flavors to the screen.

       nova-manage flavor list --all
          Outputs a list of all flavors (active and inactive) to the screen.

       nova-manage  flavor  create  <name> <memory> <vCPU> <local_storage> <flavorID> <(optional)
       swap> <(optional) RXTX Quota> <(optional) RXTX Cap>

          creates a flavor with the following positional arguments:

                 · memory (expressed in megabytes)

                 · vcpu(s) (integer)

                 · local storage (expressed in gigabytes)

                 · flavorid (unique integer)

                 · swap space (expressed in megabytes, defaults to zero, optional)

                 · RXTX quotas (expressed in gigabytes, defaults to zero, optional)

                 · RXTX cap (expressed in gigabytes, defaults to zero, optional)

       nova-manage flavor delete <name>
          Delete the flavor with the name <name>. This marks the flavor as inactive and cannot be
          launched. However, the record stays in the database for archival and billing purposes.

       nova-manage flavor delete <name> --purge
          Purges the flavor with the name <name>. This removes this flavor from the database.

   Nova Instance_type
       The  instance_type  command  is  provided as an alias for the flavor command. All the same
       subcommands and arguments from nova-manage flavor can be used.

   Nova Images
       nova-manage image image_register <path> <owner>
          Registers an image with the image service.

       nova-manage image kernel_register <path> <owner>
          Registers a kernel with the image service.

       nova-manage image ramdisk_register <path> <owner>
          Registers a ramdisk with the image service.

       nova-manage image all_register <image_path> <kernel_path> <ramdisk_path> <owner>
          Registers an image kernel and ramdisk with the image service.

       nova-manage image convert <directory>
          Converts all images in directory from the old (Bexar) format to the new format.

   Nova VM
       nova-manage vm list [host]
              Show a list of all instances. Accepts optional hostname (to show only instances  on
              specific host).

       nova-manage live-migration <ec2_id> <destination host name>
              Live  migrate  instance from current host to destination host. Requires instance id
              (which comes from euca-describe-instance) and destination host name (which  can  be
              found from nova-manage service list).

       The nova-manage.conf file contains configuration information in the form of python-gflags.

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       · Nova bugs are managed at Launchpad Bugs : Nova




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