Provided by: pulseaudio-utils_4.0-0ubuntu11_amd64 bug


       paplay - Play back audio files on a PulseAudio sound server


       paplay [options] FILE

       paplay --help

       paplay --version


       paplay  is  a  simple  tool  for playing back audio files on a PulseAudio sound server. It
       understands all audio file formats supported by libsndfile.


       -h | --help
              Show help.

              Show version information.

       -v | --verbose
              Enable verbose  operation.  Dumps  the  current  playback  time  to  STDERR  during

       -s | --server=SERVER
              Choose the server to connect to.

       -d | --device=SINK
              Specify the symbolic name of the sink to play this file on.

       -n | --client-name=NAME
              Specify the client name paplay shall pass to the server when connecting.

              Specify the stream name paplay shall pass to the server when creating the stream.

              Specify  the  initial playback volume to use. Choose a value between 0 (silent) and
              65536 (100% volume).

              Explicitly choose a channel map when playing back this stream. The argument  should
              be  a  comma separated list of channel names: front-left, front-right, mono, front-
              center, rear-left, rear-right, rear-center, lfe, front-left-of-center, front-right-
              of-center,  side-left,  side-right,  top-center,  top-front-center, top-front-left,
              top-front-right, top-rear-left, top-rear-right, top-rear-center, or any of  the  32
              auxiliary channel names aux0 to aux31.


       Due to a limitation in libsndfile paplay currently does not always set the correct channel
       mapping for playback of multichannel (i.e. surround) audio  files,  even  if  the  channel
       mapping information is available in the audio file.


       The  PulseAudio  Developers  <pulseaudio-discuss  (at) lists (dot) freedesktop (dot) org>;
       PulseAudio is available from


       pulseaudio(1), pacat(1)