Provided by: linux-tools-common_3.13.0-24.46_all bug


       perf-inject - Filter to augment the events stream with additional information


       perf inject <options>


       perf-inject reads a perf-record event stream and repipes it to stdout. At any point the
       processing code can inject other events into the event stream - in this case build-ids (-b
       option) are read and injected as needed into the event stream.

       Build-ids are just the first user of perf-inject - potentially anything that needs
       userspace processing to augment the events stream with additional information could make
       use of this facility.


       -b, --build-ids=
           Inject build-ids into the output stream

       -v, --verbose
           Be more verbose.

       -i, --input=
           Input file name. (default: stdin)

       -o, --output=
           Output file name. (default: stdout)

       -s, --sched-stat
           Merge sched_stat and sched_switch for getting events where and how long tasks slept.
           sched_switch contains a callchain where a task slept and sched_stat contains a
           timeslice how long a task slept.


       perf-record(1), perf-report(1), perf-archive(1)