Provided by: barry-util_0.18.5-1_amd64 bug


       pppob - Barry Project's program to access the Blackberry modem for pppd


       pppob [-l filename][-p pin][-P password][-s][-t][-v]


       pppob  is  a program suitable for use in pppd's pty option file.  It talks to an available
       Blackberry and provides modem access on stdin and stdout.


       -l filename
              Causes verbose debug output from the -v switch to be written to filename instead of

       -p pin PIN  of  device  to  talk  with.   Only needed if you have more than one Blackberry
              connected at once.

       -P password
              Simplistic method to specify device password.  In a real application, this would be
              done using a more secure prompt.

       -s     Use  Serial  mode  instead  of the default IpModem mode.  Older Blackberries used a
              serial mode based on a similar protocol to what database access uses for retrieving
              data.  Each packet had a size and socket number prepended to the actual modem data.
              Newer Blackberries have dedicated USB endpoints that behave as  read/write  points,
              and  do  not  bother with this size/socket format, and therefore transfer less data
              across the USB bus.  By  default,  pppob  tries  to  use  IpModem  mode  if  proper
              endpoints are detected, and otherwise falls back to Serial mode.  This switch skips
              IpModem mode entirely and tries Serial mode immediately.

       -t     Creates a pty for communication, instead of using stdin and stdout; and prints  the
              filename of the pty on stdout.

       -v     Dump verbose protocol data to stderr during operation.


       pppob is part of the Barry project.


                                           July 7, 2012                                  PPPOB(1)