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       py3versions - print python3 version information


       py3versions [-h] [-v] [<options>]


       py3versions  prints  information  about installed, supported python3 runtimes, the default
       runtime, and parses the information of the PythonVersion fields  in  the  package  control
       file for Python3.


       -d, --default
              Show the default python3 version.

       -s, --supported
              Show the supported python3 versions.

       -r, --requested [<version string>|<control file>]
              Reads  the  value of the X-Python3-Version field in the source section of a control
              file and shows all matching python3 versions. The parameter  is  interpreted  as  a
              version  string, if it is not the name of a file. If the X-Python3-Version field is
              missing, it will fall back to list the supported Python3  versions  after  checking
              debian/control.  Versions  less  than  3  are  ignored.  The keyword all is ignored
              because it covers  all  Python2  versions.   The  former  keyword  current  is  not
              supported at all in Python3.

       -i, --installed
              Show the installed supported python3 versions.

       -v, --version
              Limit the output to the version numbers of the python3 versions.

       -h, --help
              Print a help text.


       Python policy.


       Matthias Klose