Provided by: pyqt4-dev-tools_4.10.4+dfsg-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       pylupdate4 - create or update Qt Linguist translation files for PyQt4 applications


       pylupdate4 [OPTION]... PROJECT-FILE
       pylupdate4 [OPTION]... SOURCE... -ts TRANSLATION-FILE...


       pylupdate4  reads  a  qmake  project  file  (.pro),  finds the translatable strings in the
       specified sources and updates the  translation files (.ts  files)  specified  in  it.  The
       translation  files  are  given to the translator who can use Qt Linguist to read the files
       and insert the translations.
       The .ts file format is a simple human-readable XML format that can be  used  with  version
       control systems if required.


       -help  Show a summary of the options.

              Display  the  version  number  of  pylupdate4  of the version of Qt which PyQt4 was
              generated for.

              Drop all obsolete strings.

              Increase verbosity.


       This  manual  page   was   written   for   Debian   GNU/Linux   by   and   Torsten   Marek
       <>, but may freely be used by others.