Provided by: slurm-llnl-torque_2.6.5-1_all bug


       qhold - places a hold on jobs in a familiar pbs format


       qhold [-h u|o|s|n] job_id...


       The qhold command requests that a hold be placed on a job.  A job that is on hold is not
       eligible for execution.  There are three supported holds: USER, OTHER (also known as
       operator or batch), and SYSTEM.

       If the -h option is not specified, the USER hold will be applied to the specified jobs.


       -h hold_type
           Specifieds the types of holds to be placed on the job.

           The hold_type argument is a one of the characters "u", "o", "s" or "n".  The hold type
           associated with each letter is:

               B<u> - USER

               B<o> - OTHER

               B<s> - SYSTEM

               B<n> - None

       -? | --help
           brief help message

           full documentation


       On success, qhold will exit with a value of zero. On failure, qhold will exit with a value
       greater than zero.