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       r.out.arc  - Converts a raster map layer into an ESRI ARCGRID file.


       raster, export


       r.out.arc help
       r.out.arc [-h1c] input=name output=name  [dp=integer]   [--verbose]  [--quiet]

           Suppress printing of header information

           List one entry per line instead of full row

           Use cell center reference in header instead of cell corner

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Name of input raster map

           Name for output ARC-GRID map (use out=- for stdout)

           Number of decimal places
           Default: 8


       r.out.arc  converts  a  user-specified raster map layer (input=name) into an ESRI ARC-GRID
       ascii file (output=name) suitable for export to  other  computer  systems.   The  dp=value
       option  (where value is a number of the user's choice) can be used to request that numbers
       after decimal points are limited.  However, to use this, the user should know the  maximum
       number of digits that will occur in the output file.  The user can find the maximum number
       of digits occurring in the output file by running r.out.arc without the dp=value option.

       The GRASS program can be used to perform the reverse function, converting an ESRI
       ARC-GRID  ascii  file  in  suitable  format  to GRASS raster map format. The order of cell
       values in file is from lower left to upper right (reverse to GRASS).


       The output from r.out.arc may also be placed into a file by  using  the  UNIX  redirection
       mechanism;  e.g.:
       r.out.arc input=soils output=- > out.grd
         The  output  file  out.grd  can  then  be  copied onto a CDROM or floppy disk for export

       An Arc ASCII grid can be loaded into ArcGIS 8.3 though ArcToolbox.
       Use the "Import to Raster" -> "ASCII to Grid" tool to create a binary grid  which  can  be
       selected  using  ArcCatalog.  The  spatial  analyst extension may need to be installed and
       activated within Arc.

       In ArcGIS 9.0 the import tool can be found at:
       ArcMap -> Toolbox -> Conversion Tools -> To Raster -> ASCII to Raster

       A GeoTIFF created with r.out.gdal is sometimes a better solution for  transferring  raster
       maps to other GIS software.



       Markus Neteler, University of Hannover, Germany,
       based on r.out.ascii written by
       Michael Shapiro, U.S.Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

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