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       r.out.tiff   -  Exports  a  GRASS  raster  map  to  a 8/24bit TIFF image file at the pixel
       resolution of the currently defined region.


       raster, export


       r.out.tiff help
       r.out.tiff [-ptlv] input=name output=string  [compression=string]   [--verbose]  [--quiet]

           TIFF Palette output (8bit instead of 24bit).

           Output TIFF world file

           Output Tiled TIFF

           Verbose mode

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Name of input raster map

           Name for new TIFF file

           TIFF file compression
           Options: none,packbit,deflate,lzw
           Default: none


       This program converts a GRASS raster map to a TIFF raster map. Output may be 8 or  24  bit
       (TrueColor).   Optionally,  a  TIFF World file compatible with ESRI's and other's products
       may be output.

       The program prompts the user for the name of a GRASS raster  map,  an  output  TIFF  file,
       whether  an 8 or 24 bit format is desired, and whether or not to create a TIFF world file.
       Currently only uncompressed, packpit, or deflate TIFF files  are  written.   These  output
       formats are known to be compatible with

       The  output  filename  will  always  have  the  suffix  .tif,  and the Tiff World file (if
       requested) .tfw. Any .tif or .tiff suffix  (case  insensitive)  specified  in  the  output
       filename will be discarded.

       When writing with "-l" option, tiles are written at 128x128 pixels.  For programs that can
       utilize tiles, it can help speed up some drawing operations.

       The user may adjust region and resolution before export using g.region.

       A better choice to export GRASS raster data might be r.out.gdal.


       g.region,, r.out.gdal


       Michael Shapiro, U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

       GRASS 5.0 team

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