Provided by: yardradius_1.1.2-4ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       radtest - RADIUS server test program


       radtest  [  -afnrvx   ]  [ -d called_station_id ] [ -g calling_station_id ] [ -i id ] [ -p
       port ] [ -s secret ] [ -t type ] -u username password


       radtest is a program useful to test the configuration of a running RADIUS daemon. You need
       to  add  localhost  to  servers'  authorized  clients.   This  program  is  a  client  for
       authentication protocol only, it does not manage accounting packets currently.

       You could use it to test either the YARD  RADIUS  daemon  or  any  other  standard  RADIUS


       -a     Sets accounting protocol on. Not yet implemented.

       -d called_station_id
              Sets the called station identifier for building packets.

       -f     Sets user type to framed. This is overrided by -t option below.

       -g calling_station_id
              Sets the calling station identifier for building packets.

       -h     Prints out usage of the command.

       -i id  Sets the packet identifier to number `id'.

       -n     Not yet implemented.

       -p port
              Uses udp port `port' instead of the value specified in /etc/services or the default
              one (1645).

       -r     Not yet implemented.

       -s  secret
              Specifies the secret key to use (default is localkey)

       -v     Prints version information.

       -l file
              Changes the logging file.

       -x     Prints (or should do so) debugging messages while compiling.


              This file contains  the  human  readable  information  for  users'  accounting  and
              authorization. See radius_attributes(5) for details about its syntax.

              The same of the previous one as compiled in by builddbm in GDBM format. It needs to
              be compiled again every time you make changes  to  the  previous  one  and  without
              restarting radiusd .

              This  read-only  file contains the codes and formats for standard and vendor RADIUS
              protocol attributes and values along with their human readable  representation.  It
              is  subject  to  change, due to new access server supports. It is a plain text file
              with a pletora of comments in it.


       radiusd(8), radlast(1), radlist(1), radtest(1), radwatch(1), radius_attributes(1), gdbm(3)


       Copyright (C) 1992-1999 Lucent Inc. All rights reserved.

       Copyright (C) 1999-2004 Francesco Paolo Lovergine. All rights reserved.

       See the LICENSE file enclosed within this software for conditions of use and distribution.
       This is a pure ISO BSD Open Source License .


       The  syntax of the source users file is not described here.  Please, refer to the official
       Livingston documentation, which includes the RADIUS for UNIX Administrator's Guide.