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       rapt-file - APT package searching utility -- search remotely


       rapt-file [ options ] [ action ] [ pattern ]


       rapt-file  is  a  command  line  tool  for searching files in packages for the APT package
       management system.  It differs from apt-file in that it works with remote package indices,
       so it doesn't need to download full Contents files.

       find   Alias for search.

       list   List  the  contents  of a package matching the pattern pattern. This action is very
              close to the dpkg -L command except the package does not need to  be  installed  or

       search Search  in  which package a file is included. A list of all packages containing the
              pattern pattern is returned.

              rapt-file will only search for filenames, not directory names.  This is due to  the
              format of the Contents files it searches.

       show   Alias for list.


          -a, --architecture architecture
              Sets  architecture  to  architecture. This option is useful if you search a package
              for a different architecture from the one installed on your system.  It  determines
              how  the  $ARCH variable in sources.list is expanded (but it does not influence the
              search in any other way).

          -l, --package-only
              Only display package name; do not display file names.

          -v, --verbose
              Run rapt-file in verbose mode.

          -h, --help
              Display a short help screen.


              Locations to fetch package contents from.

              Directory with additional sources.list snippets


       rapt-file was written by Enrico Zini <>.

                                             May 2012                                RAPT-FILE(1)