Provided by: slurm-llnl-torque_2.6.5-1_all bug


       qsub - submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format


       qsub  [-a start_time]
             [-A account]
             [-e err_path]
             [-l resource_list]
             [-m mail_options] [-M user_list]
             [-N job_name]
             [-o out_path]
             [-p priority]
             [-q destination]
             [-v variable_list]
             [-W additional_attributes]


       The qsub submits batch jobs. It is aimed to be feature-compatible with PBS' qsub.


       -a  Earliest start time of job. Format: [HH:MM][MM/DD/YY]

       -A account
           Specify the account to which the job should be charged.

       -e err_path
           Specify a new path to receive the standard error output for the job.

       -I  Interactive execution.

       -l resource_list
           Specify an additional list of resources to request for the job.

       -m mail_options
           Specify a list of events on which email is to be generated.

       -M user_list
           Specify a list of email addresses to receive messages on specified events.

       -N job_name
           Specify a name for the job.

       -o out_path
           Specify the path to a file to hold the standard output from the job.

       -p priority
           Specify the priority under which the job should run.

       -p priority
           Specify the priority under which the job should run.

       -v [variable_list]
           Exporting single variables via -v is generally not required, since the entire login
           environment is exported by the default. However this option can be used to add newly
           defined environment variables to specific jobs.

       -V  The -V option to export the current environment is not required since it is done by

       -? | --help
           brief help message

           full documentation