Provided by: gsoap_2.8.16-2_amd64 bug


       soapcpp2 - the gSOAP Stub and Skeleton Compiler for C and C++


       soapcpp2 [OPTIONS] INPUT


       Please see /usr/share/doc/gsoap/soapdoc2.html for details.

       Create stubs and client and server code from input INPUT or standard input if INPUT is not


       -1     Generate SOAP 1.1 bindings.

       -2     Generate SOAP 1.2 bindings.

       -0     Remove SOAP bindings, use REST.

       -C     Generate client-side code only.

       -S     Generate server-side code only.

       -T     Generate server-side auto-test code.

       -L     Do not generate soapClientLib/soapServerLib.

       -a     Use SOAPAction with WS-Addressing to invoke server-side operations.

       -A     Require SOAPAction to invoke server-side operations.

       -b     Serialize byte arrays char[N] as string.

       -c     Generate C source code.

       -dpath Use path to save files.

       -e     Generate SOAP RPC encoding style bindings.

       -fN    File split of N XML serializer implementations per file (N>=10).

       -h     Display help info.

       -Ipath use path(s) for #import (paths separated with ':').

       -i     Generate C++ service proxies and objects inherited from soap struct.

       -j     Generate C++ service proxies and objects that share a soap struct.

       -k     Generate data structure walkers (experimental).

       -l     Generate linkable modules (experimental).

       -m     Generate Matlab(tm) code for MEX compiler.

       -n     Use service name to rename service functions and namespace table.

       -pname Save files with new prefix name instead of soap.

       -Qname Use name as the C++ namespace for decls, including custom serializers.

       -qname Use name as the C++ namespace for decls, excluding custom serializers.

       -s     Generate deserialization code with strict XML validation checks.

       -t     Generate code for fully xsi:type typed SOAP/XML messaging.

       -u     Uncomment comments in WSDL/schema output by suppressing XML comments.

       -v     Display version info.

       -w     Do not generate WSDL and schema files.

       -x     Do not generate sample XML message files.

       -y     Include C/C++ type access information in sample XML messages.

       -z1    Generate deprecated old-style C++ service proxies and objects.




       This manual page was written by Thomas Wana <>, for  the  Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).

                                          Juni 27, 2003                               SOAPCPP2(1)