Provided by: pdebuild-cross_2.2.20_all bug


       svn-pdebuild-cross - simple svn-buildpackage wrapper for crossbuild support


        svn-pdebuild-cross [svn-buildpackage options]


       "svn-pdebuild-cross" wraps svn-buildpackage to support cross-building inside a pbuilder
       chroot. "svn-pdebuild-cross" needs to be run in the top level source directory of the
       package (where it can find debian/changelog).

       The script is a little (but just a little) more than an alias for:

        svn-buildpackage -aarmel --svn-builder /usr/bin/pdebuild-cross --svn-rm-prev-dir


       "svn-pdebuild-cross" supports no options itself, any options specified will be passed
       untouched to svn-buildpackage.


       /etc/pdebuild-cross/pbuilder.rc defaults to your default dpkg-cross architecture selection
       - edit the /etc/pdebuild/pdebuild-cross.rc configuration file to change the architecture.
       See also pdebuild-cross-create (1)

Creating the chroot

       Use "pdebuild-cross-create" to build a suitable chroot tgz using multistrap.