Provided by: swift-object_1.13.1-0ubuntu1_all bug


       swift-object-replicator - Openstack-swift object replicator


       swift-object-replicator [CONFIG] [-h|--help] [-v|--verbose] [-o|--once]


       Replication  is designed to keep the system in a consistent state in the face of temporary
       error conditions like network outages or drive failures. The replication processes compare
       local  data  with  each  remote copy to ensure they all contain the latest version. Object
       replication uses a hash list to quickly compare subsections of each partition.

       Replication updates are push based. For object replication, updating is just a  matter  of
       rsyncing  files  to  the  peer.  The replicator also ensures that data is removed from the
       system. When an object item is deleted a tombstone is set as the  latest  version  of  the
       item.  The  replicator will see the tombstone and ensure that the item is removed from the
       entire system.

       The options are as follows:

               log to console
               only run one pass of daemon


       More  in  depth  documentation  in  regards  to  swift-object-replicator  and  also  about
       Openstack-Swift as a whole can be found at