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       uubp - Unix-to-Unix beer protocol


       uubp [-acefghlqy] site


       Uubp  allows  the  user  to transfer beer, ale, or other fermented grain beverages between
       network sites. Using TCP/IP  (telecommunication  protocol  for  imbibing  pilsners),  uubp
       encodes beer from a local file system into packets suitable for FTP (fermentation transfer
       protocol) delivery at a remote IP site.


       % uubp -c"AMBER" -f0.7 -y0 -q2

       The preceding example sends two six-packs (-q2) of amber ale (-c"AMBER") with a  fizziness
       quotient  of  70%,  brewed  using yeast of type 0 (saccharomyces cerevisiae) to PI address, which is the IP address of the White House.


       Both source and destination  sites  must  be  running  uubp-daemon.   In  addition,  local
       restriction  exist  in  many  areas for the transportation alkohol across state lines. The
       Electronic Frontier Foundation is currently involved in litigation to ensure  the  ability
       to  distribute  beer through the uubp protocol according to the 21st Amendment. To support
       the SIG of EFF devoted to this cause, join the  Homebrewers  of  the  Electronic  Frontier
       Engaged   in   Winning   Electronic   Independence   and  Zeroing  Establishment  Nonsense
       (HEFEWEIZEN), or send mail to Be sure to include the  entire  text
       of this manual page.


       Have a homebrew!

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