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NAME  - Imports country files into a GRASS vector points map.


       vector, import, gazetteer

SYNOPSIS help input=name output=name  [--overwrite]  [--verbose]  [--quiet]

           Allow output files to overwrite existing files

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Uncompressed geonames file from (with .txt extension)

           Name for output vector map

DESCRIPTION  imports  country  files  (Gazetteer data) into a GRASS vector
       points map. The country files can be downloaded from the GeoNames Data Dump  Server.   The
       script  generates  a  vector  point  map.  Only  original  files  can  be processed (unzip
       compressed file first). These Geonames files are encoded in UTF-8 which is  maintained  in
       the GRASS database.


       The current DB connection is used to write the database table.

       If  importing into a DBF database, the original column names longer that 10 characters are
       shortened to 10 characters to meet the DBF column name restrictions. If this is a  problem
       consider  choosing  another database driver with db.connect.  The main 'geoname' table has
       the following fields
       geonameid         : integer id of record in geonames database
       name              : name of geographical point (utf8) varchar(200)
       asciiname         : name of geographical point in plain ascii characters, varchar(200)
       alternatenames    : alternatenames, comma separated varchar(4000)
       latitude          : latitude in decimal degrees (wgs84)
       longitude         : longitude in decimal degrees (wgs84)
       feature class     : see, char(1)
       feature code      : see, varchar(10)
       country code      : ISO-3166 2-letter country code, 2 characters
       cc2               : alternate country codes, comma separated,  ISO-3166  2-letter  country
       code, 60 characters
       admin1  code        : fipscode (subject to change to iso code), isocode for the us and ch,
       see file admin1Codes.txt for display names of this code; varchar(20)
       admin2 code       : code for the second administrative division, a county in the  US,  see
       file admin2Codes.txt; varchar(80)
       admin3 code       : code for third level administrative division, varchar(20)
       admin4 code       : code for fourth level administrative division, varchar(20)
       population        : integer
       elevation         : in meters, integer
       gtopo30           : average elevation of 30'x30' (ca 900mx900m) area in meters, integer
       timezone                  :         the         timezone        id        (see        file
       modification date : date of last modification in yyyy-MM-dd format




       GeoNames Web site
       GeoNames Data Dump Server


       Markus Neteler

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