Provided by: gmt_4.5.11-1build1_amd64 bug


       x2sys_merge - Merge an updated COEs tables


       x2sys_merge -Amain_COElist.d -Mnew_COElist.d


       x2sys_merge  will  read  two  crossovers data base and output the contents of the main one
       updated with the COEs in the second one. The second file should only contain updated  COEs
       relatively  to  the  first  one.   That  is,  it  MUST  NOT  contain  any  new  two tracks
       intersections (This point is NOT checked in the code). This program is  useful  when,  for
       any  good  reason  like file editing NAV correction or whatever, one had to recompute only
       the COEs between the edited files and the rest of the database.

       -A     Specify the file main_COElist.d with the main crossover error data base.

       -M     Specify the file new_COElist.d with the newly computed crossover error data base.


       No space between the option flag and the associated arguments.

              To update the main COE_data.txt with the new COEs estimations saved in the  smaller
              COE_fresh.txt, try

              x2sys_merge -A COE_data.txt -M COE_fresh.txt > COE_updated.txt


       x2sys_binlist(1),    x2sys_cross(1),   x2sys_datalist(1),   x2sys_get(1),   x2sys_init(1),
       x2sys_list(1), x2sys_put(1), x2sys_report(1)