Provided by: gmt_4.5.11-1build1_amd64 bug


       x2sys_put - Update x2sys track data bases


       x2sys_put [ info.tbf ] -TTAG [ -D ] [ -F ] [ -V ]


       x2sys_put  accepts  a  track  bin-index  file  created  by  x2sys_binlist  and  adds  this
       information about the data tracks to the relevant data base.  You may chose  to  overwrite
       existing  data  with  new  information  for  older  tracks (-F) and even completely remove
       information for certain tracks (-D).  The x2sys TAG must match  the  tag  encoded  in  the
       info.tbf file.  To inquire about tracks in the data base, use x2sys_get.

       -T     Specify the x2sys TAG which tracks the attributes of this data type.


       No space between the option flag and the associated arguments.

              Name of a single track bin file.  If not given, stdin will be read.

       -D     Delete  all tracks found in the track bin file [Default will try to add them as new
              track entries].

       -F     Replace any existing database information for these tracks with the new information
              in the track bin file [Default refuses to process tracks already in the database].

       -V     Selects  verbose  mode,  which  will  send progress reports to stderr [Default runs


       To add the information stored in the track bin-index file latest.tbf  to  the  track  data
       bases associated with the tag MGD77, and replace any exiting information for these tracks,

       x2sys_put latest.tbf -F -V -T MGD77


       The x2sys_put utility adds new information to the x2sys data bases.  These consists of two
       files:  The  first  file  contains a listing of all the tracks that have been added to the
       system; it is named TAG_tracks.d and is  in  ASCII  format.   The  second  file  is  named
       TAG_index.b and is in native binary format.  It contains information on which tracks cross
       each of the bins, and what data sets were observed while crossing the bin.  The  bins  are
       defined  by  the  -R and -I options passed to x2sys_init when the TAG was first initiated.
       Both data base files are stored in the $X2SYS_HOME/TAG directory.  Do not attempt to  edit
       these files by hand.


       x2sys_binlist(1), x2sys_get(1)