Provided by: xfpt_0.09-1_amd64 bug


       xfpt - make XML from plain text


       xfpt [options] [source file]


       xfpt  converts  a  marked  up text file to XML. The markup is simple and consists of lines
       that begin with a dot ("directive lines") and sequences in the text  that  begin  with  an
       ampersand  ("flags").  The flag sequences are not built-in, but are defined by directives.
       As well as the in-built directives, macros can be used to implement higher level concepts.
       A  standard set of macros and flags that generate DocBook XML is provided. There is a full
       description in the xfpt specification, which is distributed as a PDF file, an  HTML  file,
       and as 0


       -help     This causes xfpt to output its "usage" information and then exit.

       -o file   This  specifies the output file. The default is the standard output if no source
                 file is given, and the source file name with a .xml extension otherwise.

       -S directory
                 This specifies an alternative  "share"  directory  in  which  to  find  standard
                 configuration files.

       -v        Output the xfpt version and exit.


       Philip Hazel
       University Computing Service
       Cambridge CB2 3QG, England.