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       App::KGB::API -- KGB bot API documentation


   General, authentication
       Version 4 uses JSON-RPC as described in <http://>
       with one extension. Since all requests are authenticated, two HTTP headers need to be

       X-KGB-Project: project-name
       X-KGB-Auth: hash

       The project name is the string identifying the project on the server side, and the hash is
       the hexadecimal representation of the SHA-1 hash calculated over the following data:

       Project password
           This is the shared password known to the client and the server.

           This is the JSON-encoded request text. The same that is sent in the HTTP body.

   Commit notification
       Request is a JSON-RPC call to a method called commit_v4 with a single argument, which is a
       map with the following possible keys:

       repo_id project-name
       rev_prefix revision-prefix
           Usually "r" for Subversion commits

       commit_id commit id
           Subversion revision, Git hash or just empty (for CVS).

       changes changes list
           A list of changes, encoded as strings. It is simple file name prepended with "(A)" for
           added, "(M)" (or nothing) for modified and "(D)" for deleted. See App::KGB::Change.

       commit_log log message
       author user/name
       branch branch name
       module module name
       extra additional information
           A map with extra information. Currently "web_link" is the only member that the server

   Plain message relay
       The message relay calls are to the relay_message method, with the only argument the
       message to be relayed.


       kgb-client(1), kgb-bot(1)


       Damyan Ivanov


       Copyright (C) 2012 Damyan Ivanov

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