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       CosEventChannelAdmin_ProxyPushSupplier   -  This  module  implements  a  ProxyPushSupplier
       interface which acts as a middleman between push consumer and the event channel.


       The ProxyPushSupplier interface defines the second step for connecting push  consumers  to
       the  event  channel.  A  proxy  supplier  is similar to a normal supplier, but includes an
       additional method for connecting a consumer to the proxy supplier.

       To get access to all definitions, e.g., exceptions, include necessary hrl files by using:

       Any object  that  possesses  an  object  reference  that  supports  the  ProxyPushSupplier
       interface can perform the following operations:


       connect_push_consumer(Object, PushConsumer) -> Return


                 Object = #objref
                 PushConsumer = #objref of PushConsumer type
                 Return = ok | {'EXCEPTION', E}
                 E            =            #'CosEventChannelAdmin_AlreadyConnected'{}           |

              This operation connects PushConsumer object to the ProxyPushSupplier object.  If  a
              nil object reference is passed CORBA standard BAD_PARAM exception is raised. If the
              ProxyPushSupplier   is   already   connected   to   a   PushConsumer,   then    the
              CosEventChannelAdmin_AlreadyConnected   exception  is  raised.  Implementations  of
              ProxyPushSuppliers  may  require  additional  interface  functionality;  if   these
              requirements  are  not  met  the  CosEventChannelAdmin_TypeError  exception will be

       disconnect_push_supplier(Object) -> Return


                 Object = #objref
                 Return = ok

              This operation disconnects proxy push supplier from the event channel and  sends  a
              notification about the loss of the connection to the push consumer attached to it.

Ericsson AB                              cosEvent 2.1CosEventChannelAdmin_ProxyPushSupplier(3erl)