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       CosEventChannelAdmin_SupplierAdmin  -  This  module  implements a SupplierAdmin interface,
       which allows suppliers to be connected to the event channel.


       The SupplierAdmin interface defines the first step for connecting suppliers to  the  event
       channel.  It  acts as a factory for creating proxy consumers. Both consumer administration
       and supplier administration are defined as separate objects so that  the  creator  of  the
       channel can control the addition of suppliers and consumers.

       To get access to all definitions include necessary hrl files by using:


       obtain_push_consumer(Object) -> Return


                 Object = #objref
                 Return = #objref

              This operation returns a ProxyPushConsumer object reference.

       obtain_pull_consumer(Object) -> Return


                 Object = #objref
                 Return = #objref

              This operation returns a ProxyPullConsumer object reference.