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       CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyConsumer     -     This     module     implements    the    OMG
       CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumer interface.


       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       This module also exports the functions described in:

         * CosNotification_QoSAdmin

         * CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin


       _get_MyType(ProxyConsumer) -> ProxyType


                 ProxyConsumer = #objref
                 ProxyType = 'PUSH_ANY' | 'PULL_ANY' | 'PUSH_STRUCTURED'  |  'PULL_STRUCTURED'  |
                 'PUSH_SEQUENCE' | 'PULL_SEQUENCE'

              This  readonly  attribute  maintains  the  enumerant  describing the which type the
              target object is.

       _get_MyAdmin(ProxyConsumer) -> AdminObject


                 ProxyConsumer = AdminObject = #objref

              This readonly attribute maintains the admin's reference which  created  the  target

       obtain_subscription_types(ProxyConsumer, ObtainInfoMode) -> EventTypeSeq


                 ProxyConsumer = #objref
                 ObtainInfoMode     =     'ALL_NOW_UPDATES_OFF'    |    'ALL_NOW_UPDATES_ON'    |
                 EventTypeSeq = [EventType]
                 EventType = #'CosNotification_EventType'{domain_name, type_name}
                 domain_name = type_name = string()

              Depending on the input  parameter  ObtainInfoMode,  this  operation  may  return  a
              sequence  of  the  EventTypes  the  target  object  is  interested in receiving. If
              'ALL_NOW_UPDATES_OFF' or 'ALL_NOW_UPDATES_ON' is given a sequence will be returned,
              otherwise  not.  If  'ALL_NOW_UPDATES_OFF' or 'NONE_NOW_UPDATES_OFF' are issued the
              target object will not inform the associated NotifySubscribe object when an  update
              occurs.  'ALL_NOW_UPDATES_ON'  or  'NONE_NOW_UPDATES_ON' will result in that update
              information will be sent.

       validate_event_qos(ProxyConsumer, QoSProperties) -> Reply


                 ProxyConsumer = #objref
                 QoSProperties = [QoSProperty]
                 QoSProperty = #'CosNotification_Property'{name, value}
                 name = string()
                 value = #any
                 Reply      =       {ok,       NamedPropertyRangeSeq}       |       {'EXCEPTION',
                 NamedPropertyRangeSeq = [NamedPropertyRange]
                 NamedPropertyRange = #CosNotification_NamedPropertyRange{name, range}
                 name = string()
                 range = #CosNotification_PropertyRange{low_val, high_val}
                 low_val = #any
                 high_val = #any
                 qos_err = PropertyErrorSeq
                 PropertyErrorSeq = [PropertyError]
                 PropertyError = #'CosNotification_PropertyError'{code, name, available_range}
                 name = string()
                 available_range = PropertyRange
                 PropertyRange = #CosNotification_PropertyRange{low_val, high_val}
                 low_val = high_val = #any

              To check if certain Quality of Service properties can be added  to  events  in  the
              current  context  of  the target object this operation should be used. If we cannot
              support the required settings an exception describing why will be raised.

Ericsson AB                           cosNotification 1.CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyConsumer(3erl)