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       CosNotifyComm_NotifySubscribe      -      This      module      implements     the     OMG
       CosNotifyComm::NotifySubscribe interface.


       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       All objects, which inherit this interface, export functions described in this module.


       subscription_change(Object, Added, Removed) -> Reply


                 Object = #objref
                 Added = Removed = EventTypeSeq
                 EventTypeSeq = [type]
                 Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', CosNotifyComm_InvalidEventType{type}}
                 type = #'CosNotification_EventType'{domain_name, type_name}
                 domain_name = type_name = string()

              This operation takes as input two sequences of event type names  specifying  events
              the client will and will not accept in the future respectively.