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       Eliom_config  -  The  function get_default_hostname ()returns the hostname declared in the
       config file (<host defaulthostname="...">) or the default machine hostname.


       Module   Eliom_config


       Module Eliom_config
        : sig end

       The function get_default_hostname () returns the hostname declared in the  config  file  (
       <host defaulthostname="..."> ) or the default machine hostname.

       val get_default_hostname : unit -> string

       val get_default_port : unit -> int

       The  function  get_default_port  ()  returns the port number declared in the config file (
       <host defaulthttpport="..."> ) or 80 if undeclared.

       val get_default_sslport : unit -> int

       The function get_default_sslport () returns the https port number declared in  the  config
       file ( <host defaulthttpsport="..."> ) or 443 if undeclared.

       val get_config_default_charset : unit -> string

       The function get_config_default_charset () returns the default charset for this site.

       val set_default_links_xhr : ?override_configfile:bool -> bool -> unit

       The  provided  value  serves  as  a  default  value for the optional parameter ~xhr in the
       functions Eliom_registration.*.{a, get_form, post_form, lwt_get_form, lwt_post_form}  (cf.
       Eliom_registration.Html5.a et al.).  This value can also be set in the config file.

       val get_config : unit -> Simplexmlparser.xml list

       The  function  get_config  () returns the information of the configuration file concerning
       that site (between <eliommodule> and </eliommodule> or <eliom> and </eliom> ).

       Warning: You must call that function during the initialisation of your module (not  during
       a    Lwt    thread    or    a   service)   otherwise   it   will   raise   the   exception
       Eliom_common.Eliom_site_information_not_available .  If you want  to  build  a  statically
       linkable  module,  you must call this function inside the initialisation function given to
       Eliom_service.register_eliom_module .

       val parse_config : ?pcdata:(string  ->  unit)  ->  ?other_elements:(string  ->  (string  *
       string)       list       ->       Simplexmlparser.xml      list      ->      unit)      ->
       Ocsigen_extensions.Configuration.element list -> unit

       Process the configuration by a give specification (cf. )

       val get_config_info : unit -> Ocsigen_extensions.config_info

       The function get_config_info () returns the information concerning the  request  from  the
       configuration files.