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       Eliom_content.Html5 - Building valid (X)HTML5.


       Module   Eliom_content.Html5


       Module Html5
        : sig end

       Building valid (X)HTML5.

       type 'a elt = 'a Eliom_content_core.Html5.elt

       See  the Eliom manual for more information on  for HTML5 tree manipulated by client/server

       type 'a attrib = 'a Eliom_content_core.Html5.attrib

       type uri = Eliom_content_core.Html5.uri

       module F : sig end

       Creation of functional HTML5 content (copy-able but not referable).

       module D : sig end

       Creation of HTML5 content with DOM semantics (referable)

       module Id : sig end

       Node identifiers

       module Custom_data : sig end

       module To_dom : sig end

       Conversion from HTML5 elt s to Javascript DOM elements ( <: ).   One  conversion  function
       per source type (stressed by the of_ prefix).

       module Manip : sig end

       DOM-like manipulation functions.

       In this module, all the functions apply only to HTML5 element with .

       module Of_dom : sig end

       Conversion functions from DOM nodes ( ) to Eliom nodes ().